Sometimes - - when all else fails – crabby works!!!!

My Mom and Dad ran a small country grocery store.  They were of the firm belief that everyone should wait on the public for at least one year.  Growing up I had no idea how true that would be for me.


Uncovering the truth behind some stories is mind-boggling and all too often – it has a tragic end.  Somewhere between the yelling at us (over the phone, in person, or on social media) and what they’re really talking about is the truth – only rarely do we get that figured out until long after the incident is over,

It helps to have a thick skin, to remember to not take it personally, to keep a cool head but to also be aware that frustration can turn to anger when they do not like your answer.  As a result, we have thick skin - - and we need it to maintain our sanity.

However, we are human and there are days when “crabby” is necessary in order to maintain our own sanity.  So….. when someone in rescue is crabby - - cut us some slack - - - we’ve dealt with one too many goofy stories, dramas with horrible endings or unreasonable requests and they don’t like our answer.  We’re human too and - - Yes - - - sometimes we’re crabby!!!!