Feb 25,  2015 we broke ground on the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter.  One year and a couple of months later, we opened the doors. What we envisioned didn’t happen.  Rather than people coming through our doors to adopt, we had people coming through our doors to surrender a pet.  Few people were interested in adopting.

Fast forward to today and every week 25 – 40 homeless dogs (sometimes cats) find a new home …. In Colorado.  So our vision is working – – differently. Rather than finding homes in northeast Oklahoma….the homeless pets are making the trip to a new home thanks to our partnership with Dumb Friends League.


Equally rewarding is our fantastic Richardson-Rexwinkle-Johnson birthing centers.  Pregnant momma dogs, or momma dogs with a brand new litter of puppies get the royal treatment at the birthing center.  A warm place, loving people who watch over them, good food, lots of attention and, for many, the first time they’ve truly felt secure.  Equally rewarding is watching the healthy puppies – – once they’ve passed the 8 week point – – – make the trip with their Mom to Denver and be in a new home as soon as they’re “fixed” so they won’t either have a litter or cause a litter.

Every Tuesday night, either Lisa and Hennessey, or Dan and Cathy make the overnight trip – with a potty stop for the dogs at the Colby dog park.  Every week – – except for Christmas. Sometimes mother nature moves the day up to Wednesday or Thursday – – but it happens – – every week.

It’s also rewarding to hear from our Oklahoma partners.  Some of them travel 200 – 400+ miles (round trip) to bring homeless pets to us so they can make the overnight trip.  I know it takes a village to raise a child – – but it takes villages, caring people, funders who believe in what we’re doing and employees who go the extra mile to make it work week after week.  But it does work. It is amazing, rewarding and more than we could have ever imagined. AND – – we will soon have a spay/neuter suite at the PAAS Shelter.