The Worst is yet to come

For the most part, I’m an eternal optimist.  However, the water, floods, tornadoes, floods, damage, floods are going to tax all of us to the limits.

The lakes make Oklahoma unique – until we have unprecedented rainfall and they have no choice but to open the flood gates to release water.  Everyone downstream will be affected. And dogs/cats will be especially vulnerable in an already fragile environment.

Wet Dog 5.23.19.jpg

PAAS had to reschedule one weekly transport and we learned just how fragile our “rescue” system is.  When you look at all the municipal shelters that have been impacted by water and you add up all the displaced animals from those shelters, plus the ones who’ve been displaced as a result of their family home being flooded – it gets somewhat overwhelming.

There will be no one answer that will fit everyone.  But, working together we’ll save as many as we can – as quickly as we can.  It won’t be easy …. It won’t happen fast enough … and we know there’ll be challenges we can’t solve.  

Please help where you can.  Volunteer at an emergency animal shelter.  Deliver dog or cat food to an emergency or municipal shelter.  Send donations to your favorite rescues. Make a commitment to be “involved” for at least the next two months as we slowly find our way back to a new normal.

Kind words will help….bashing won’t.   Support will …. Ignoring won’t.

Make a difference.