It’s all in the family

Saving homeless/abused/owner-surrender dogs and cats is emotional, tiring, rewarding and challenging.  I’m not talking about the dogs and cats - - I’m talking about working with the people who save the dogs and cats.

Somewhat like the eclectic, passionate, verbal Greek family in the movie My Big  

Fat Greek Wedding (2002), the goal is the same.  In the movie, everyone in the family is worried because Toula (at 30 years old) is not married.  The person she falls for (and marries) is definitely not Greek…..and the resulting conflict of accepting Ian into the family makes for great entertainment and lots of lessons to be learned by all of us in rescue.

Big Fat Greek Family.jpg

Closed Facebook groups play a key role in saving homeless dogs and cats.  They can also provide a platform for unwarranted attacks on people who “think differently” about how to rescue.  Every time I see this happening, my wish is that those who have strong, differing, opinions would put as much effort into getting along as they do in not getting along.  The dogs and cats have no voice – but if they did, I’m sure they would say “Excuse me, save me first - - settle your differences later”.

Last night, I saw collaboration at its very best.  Sunbeam Family Services celebration “Shine a Light”.  The array of needed services they provide, the staff, the volunteers, the community leaders and the dynamic duo of Bob Ross and Mike Turpen made for an unforgettable evening of fun, food and $$$$$ raised so Sunbeam Family Services can continue their multi-level approach to help the most vulnerable in Oklahoma City.  

I’m slowly seeing it (collaboration) becoming a reality in the world of rescue.  What I do know – is it works - - it works well - - it maximizes the financial investment of those who believe in what we do and at the end of the day - - every dog and cat rescued can breathe a sigh of relief and not have to worry so much about their future.  We see it with wagging tails, lots of kisses and often a hug - - from the animals we’ve saved.

It is all in the family …. It is as passionate, verbal and eclectic as a big Greek Family - - but it works!!!!  And when it does, magic happens.