Prayers - - - Patience - - - Progress

With prayer and more patience than you ever thought you would have - - we will make progress in the coming months.  Yes, I said months.  

First the water has to recede and that will takes weeks.   Then all the mud, mud and more mud will have to be dealt with  - - not to mention homes and belongings that are not salvageable.  Add to that $$$$ - - - some people will lose their jobs because the company they worked for lost everything.  Others will be unable to go “home” to collect anything and they will face the heart-wrenching decision to start all over in a different location.


In the meantime, all the beloved pets who are waiting for someone to save them will do just that - - wait  and wait  and wait.   There is no simple answer.  Hundreds will be saved. Most of them will find a new home in another state.  They’re the lucky ones.

The reality is - - the more donations made to rescues and municipal shelters in the affected areas - - - the more animals will be saved.  Nothing ……… absolutely nothing can happen over a long period of time without $$$$. It takes veterinary care, medicine, transportation, gas, food and lots and lots of people to keep a rescue operation running.  So….wherever you live…..find an organization and send them money. If you can, donate your time - - it is as valuable as money during crises like we’re facing.

I guess bottom line - - - - Prayer - - Patience – Progress  - - needs $$$$ to work.