Bubba’s Side of the Story


Finally, I get to tell my side of the story.  My name is Bubba. I’m a nice, big, kinda grumpy, interesting fella.  What I’ve come to realize is not everyone necessarily appreciates my good traits.

I have several jobs and frequently can be seen with my head stuck out of a car, pickup or SUV window.  I do have options on who drives me where I want to go.

My day job is protecting everyone at PAAS when someone comes through the front door.  I do a quick pre-screen from my window as they get out of the car and instantly know which bark I’m going to use.  No biting – not aggression - - but I’ve got my “bark” down. Kinda like you - - gentle bark. Not sure - - serious bark.  Don’t trust you - - deep, scary bark that stops everyone in their tracks.  

It’s my night life that is fun.  On calm nights, during the week, I stay at the shelter.  They make sure I’m tucked in for the night and the alarm is set.  If it looks cloudy or the wind is blowing at a good clip, I have options as to where I’ll spend the night.

First option, is an apartment in Vinita.  I know the routine and so does my chauffer.  She drives and I look out the window from the back seat.  My only complaint is she’s not ready to go back to the shelter when I tell her I am.  Seriously, you’d think she’d get the message. Just look at the pictures below.

Bubba #2.jpg

My other option is kinda like a country club for dogs.  It’s called Country Pets Bed and Breakfast. You have to make reservations, it’s a classy place. I get really excited when we head down the road.  

All in all - - - I’ think I’m kinda lucky. Here’s two pictures of me waiting for my maid/chauffer to hurry up and take me to the shelter.