The Winners Circle

A frequent question we receive from a happy adopter of a PAAS dog is:  What can you tell me about “Benji and Daisy”. We just adopted them from the Dumb Friends League’s Buddy Center in Castle Rock.  Most of the time, we have to honestly say “we don’t know” - - because the dogs have been surrendered to a shelter or dumped on a road and a family was kind enough to foster until the dog could go on transport.  Once in awhile, we do know something. Here’s an example - - written from a dog’s point of view.

Hi!!  We’re Benji and Daisy.  We were part of an abuse/neglect case in Oklahoma. So was our baby, Little Dolly.  Thankfully, we were rescued by one of the PAAS partners who spent a month helping us get healthy, learn how to socialize and to trust people.  Then we were selected for the Ride of a Lifetime - - The PAAS Ride-to-Rescue.  Our baby, Little Dolly, was lucky.  She was personally selected to go to Minnesota to live with Robin.  You see, there’s this really cool underground transportation system where people know people - - who know people - - who will transport dogs like us.  So, a PAAS volunteer, Vicki, had a friend in Minnesota who was looking for a puppy just like our Little Dolly. Little Dolly went to Minnesota and we got to go to Colorado.

Wow!!!  Just Wow!!!!  We live the life of luxury in Colorado.  We’ve hit the jackpot. We never, ever, worry about food, water, exercise, getting love - - giving love - - and just being dogs.  So, for us, and our baby (Little Dolly), life started out rough … but we hit the jackpot - - found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - - and are lives couldn’t be better.

Our wish for every homeless dog and cat is they too hit the jackpot and become members of The Winner’s Club.   Just look at our happy faces!!!!