Slinky - - -Blitzscaling - - Rapid Growth

Until recently, I used the analogy to a Slinky when explaining our rapid growth. The word Blitzscaling also works. Rapid growth that leads to innovative solutions.


Most recently PAAS was in the midst of a massive Slinky/Blitzscaling operation. Our phone was ringing - - constantly - - people were coming in to fill out forms - - dogs were arriving to go to Dumb Friends League and, on Fridays, 30+ pet owners were patiently waiting with their pet for our spay/neuter clinics.

I remember the early days of transporting to Colorado. It was chaotic, took lots of hands-on-deck and a couple of days to recover emotionally. We could not have maintained that for four years. Slowly we figured out how to get it to work from a supply/demand business point of view. Today, all the homeless dogs arrive on Monday or Tuesday. They leave Tuesday night - - arrive at Dumb Friends League on Wednesday morning - - and if they’re fixed - - they’ll most likely be in their new home. The system is efficient, lessens the stress on the animals waiting in their kennels and can be duplicated.

Next came our entry into the world of spay/neuter clinics. We had the space, most of the equipment and once we had the funding – yes – we were off and running. Needless to say, we can prove how many pet owners will get their pets “fixed” if it’s affordable. The phone was ringing off the hook; two or more lines were always blinking; and all of us were running at warp speed. We now have a system that works for us and thanks to technology it was solvable with a cell phone!!!!

Honestly, I do not know what our next slinky/blitzscaling/rapid growth program will be. When we find it, we’ll figure out a solution - - but it will be hectic for awhile. We are an example of “slinky” growth in the world of animal rescue.